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Our facilities are a true reflection of the spirit of ALICEN

Our facilities are a true reflection of the spirit of ALICEN: the achievement of that panel which the client…expects. A seemingly simple aim but that requires an effort and training that is only feasible by combining tradition and the avant-garde, customs and evolution. We preserve that good performance, the know-how, and we add to it state-of-the-art engineering processes.

Fabricante tablero alistonado
Fabricante de tableros alistonados
Viruta de pino

Our company has  over 6.500 m2 warehouse, where the four board production lines are laid out separately. Our priority is to be efficient in every typology of item without being detrimental to the rest in the hypothetical case of depletion.

Our buildings are supplemented with a warehouse of raw material (with permanent stock of over 8,500 metres3 of pine wood), a building for sorting and loading the end product, a maintenance workshop, offices, a lorry scale and a resting area for HGVs (heavy-goods vehicles).

Lastly, we would like to point out that we have reasserted our commitment with the environment  by installing photovoltaic solar energy for industrial self-consumption of 403.38 kWp. Thanks to the installation of solar panels we generate an annual energetic production of 655,212.87 kWh, which prevents emitting into the atmosphere almost 223 tons of CO2 in each fiscal year. This site equates as to planting 22,277 trees, and its equivalent in fuel saved is 53.39.

Tablero alistonado
Fabricante tablero
Fabricante de tableros alistonados
Fabricante de tableros alistonados