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A section of our company has the aim of manufacturing and selling bales of pine shavings in bulk (especially rodeno or rubial pine, in Latin Pinus pinaster, typical and emblematic of the Montes de Toledo and in general of the Meseta Central Plateau) to be used as equine bedding.
AIRIN virutas de pino


  •  Exempt of dust content and dirtines.
  •  Large chips.
  • Treated by means of a process with sufficient sifting to eliminate the saw dust and particles smaller than 3.50 mm.
  • Manufactured with coniferous wood that undergoes HT/KD thermal treatment  (56ºC / 30 min).
  • Vacuum packed in thermal seal bags with weight ranging from 17 to 21 kilograms.


Forests are an essential part of nature’s heritage and the future of society depends on its conservation. The adequacy of forestry practices and management sustainability are the basis for the maintenance of environmental masses, both of which are fundamental elements in the fight against the degradation or our habitats, desertification and the loss of biodiversity.
In this sense, Environmental Airin has opted to count on the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates:
  • ISO 9001:2015 Standard is the basis for the Quality Management System. It is an international standard that focuses on all the elements of quality management with which any company should count on to have an effective system that enables it to run/direct and enhance the quality of its products and services.
  • ISO 14001:2015 Standard is an internationally accepted standard that offers the possibility to systematise, in a simplified way, the environmental aspects that are generated in each of the activities carried out in the organization, in addition to promoting environmental protection and the prevention of pollution from a point of view of balance with the other socio-economic aspects.
With these certifications, we can assure our clients that all our processes are differentiated by being managed responsibly from a quality perspective and that the manufacturing of shavings is based on a procedure that is strictly committed to the environment, from the forest to the use of the product.
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Reasons to use pine shavings
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