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Total commitment to caring for animals

A section of our company has the aim of manufacturing and selling bales of pine shavings in bulk (especially rodeno or rubial pine, in Latin Pinus pinaster, typical and emblematic of the Montes de Toledo and in general of the Meseta Central Plateau) to be used as equine bedding.
AIRIN virutas de pino


  •  Exempt of dust content and dirtines.
  •  Large chips.
  • Treated by means of a process with sufficient sifting to eliminate the saw dust and particles smaller than 3.50 mm.
  • Manufactured with coniferous wood that undergoes HT/KD thermal treatment  (56ºC / 30 min).
  • Vacuum packed in thermal seal bags with weight ranging from 17 to 21 kilograms.
Reasons to use pine shavings
Circular Economy
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