Solutions in wood
since 1994

Alicen Alistonados del centro, Limited-liabilty Company (ALICEN, S. L.) was set up February 12, 1994, in the town of Navahermosa – Toledo, Spain, where its registered office is currently is found. The company is run by D. Pedro Pinilla Sánchez and his son, D. Pedro Felipe Pinilla Fernández.


ALICEN Original Logotype since its establishment in 1994

Although the edge glued solid Radiata pine panel is not a patented product nor exclusive of this firm, the company’s conviction from the very beginning has always been to create a unique product


For this reason, ALICEN has based its business growth focalising on three strategies:
Among the best species of Insignus Pine
Manufacturing material with the success of the maximum guarantee from stage one which means that the component that is utilised is Premium wood provided by forests where the best species of Insignus Pine can be found.
An efficient chain production
Heavy investment in machinery, always state-of-the-art, capable of setting up an absolutely efficient chain of production in regard to the simbiosis between equipment and human capital, who, in addition, has received essential training instruction to be able to meet the most thorough quality control procedures.
Reliable and numerous distribution workforce
An array of reliable and numerous distributors, diversified in each and every autonomic states, as well as the establishement of several international agencies with ample knowledge of the markets allowing us to be present throughout the world.
Tableros alistonados pino radiata
Fabricante tableros alistonados
Tableros alistonados